Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

At Rockwall Fellowship, we are called to love and serve our community for Christ–leading people to embrace a personal relationship with God that affects every area of their lives. Our community is home to many who still have yet to learn that the Word of God is alive and active today. We feel called to lead those around us to an understanding of the love of God found in Christ, and the freedom therein.

The Vision

The vision of Rockwall Friendship Church is  to see believers equipped to extend the Kingdom of God to Rockwall and the world.

Reach. Cultivate. Connect 

Our 2029 Strategic Vision 

In 2022, we started a new journey. Our Strategic Vision committee worked with a consulting company to embark on a 6-month journey, prayerfully and diligently, to create a vision for the next 7 years of the church. With our RC2 vision, we will by the end of 2029, reach 10,000 disconnected people between the ages of 18-35, cultivating their intimate relationship with Christ by connecting them to the Christian community through dynamic discipleship and spiritual transformation.  

The vision is bold. The vision is ambitious. The vision is God-sized. This vision requires us to work together in ministry towards specific, measurable milestones each year. In the coming years, we will focus on mobilizing 300 connectors to connect 10,000 people to Christ to have authentic, communal experiences. 
We will create a 5-star kids and students ministry that will give youth the foundational understanding of Christ and equip parents to partner with us in developing this connection and growth. We will create an incubator for a leadership pipeline that develops dynamic leaders through foundational training, resources, and ministry work.

And lastly, we will create an engaging and interactive experience through our app that will not only provide timely, relevant information but also allow you to cultivate your own personal relationship with Christ and connect to our community to support one another. We said it would be ambitious.

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